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Why Eukaus?

Eukaus cares about the environment but cares more about you.

Energy saving is one of the basic functions of every smart thermostat, but how many smart thermostats can really achieve this without giving up customer comfort?

When you are fed up with the noise generated by TRV, when you are fed up with a mess of temperature feedback...... 

I just want to read a book quietly in my room, why is my TRV so noisy?

We have heard too many similar complaints from customers.

Are you also facing this problem?


Eukaus has tested almost all TRVs on the market and we are the quietest.


The target temperature is 20℃, but your thermostat stops heating on 17℃?

The relay inside the thermostat will emit a lot of heat when working, causing the internal temperature to be higher than room temperature. So the temperature of the built-in temp sensor is higher.

Eukaus analyzes the power of your electric heating device and determines whether the room temperature reaches 20℃ based on the previous heating data.

The Analysis function + built-in sensor provides your with a warmer home.

Why my thermostat didn't heat my room according to the set schedule?

To reach the target temperature on time, the thermostat needs to start heating in advance, but a fixed preheating procedure can not match the conditions of different customers.

Eukaus learns from the past heating data and adjusts itself to ensure that your house reaches the set temperature at the correct time.

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