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Listen to the
of breathing

WHO research shows that: the noise in the bedroom is lower than 30dB to achieve good sleep quality, and lower than 35dB can provide a good learning environment for children.


How many users do you have?

Can you meet all the installation scenes?

Why does a TRV reach setting while the user still feels cold?



A coin-sized external wireless sensor can ensure that the TRV is heated according to the actual room temperature

Power consumption is not an issue anymore

Devices operate 8 times per day for 165 days.

Device operates 20 times per day for 498 days.

* The test data is based on 2 pcs AA alkaline batteries. It may be inaccurate due to different battery types and brands.

Stable quality,  Better lead time

IMD process


Injecting the bracket and the display film into one component through the advanced IMD process.

Modular production


Realizing modular production, reducing production steps, lowering the defect rate, and improving the delivery speed.

3-in-1 solution

This smart TRV supports pin 2 pin module replacement,  that is to say, if you want to change the protocol (Zigbee, Z-Wave, WiFi), you only need to replace the module, no need to re-develop.

Know your TRV status clearly

We have added a ring-shaped color indicator to make the product more beautiful, and at the same time, it can also give feedback on the status of the TRV more intuitively.

Warranty: Focus on sales and leave the after-sells service to us!

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