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Input: 24VAC ±15%, 50Hz/60Hz
Max. Load: 1A    

Battery: DC4.5V, 3 x AA
Sensor: NTC
Wiring Requirements: current≤13A-1.5mm²,

solid core wire
Protection level: IP20
Material of shell: PC Fire-rated


Smarter your HVAC system

Programmable Schedule

Eukaus supports a programmable schedule with 6 events per day.
Share your habit with Eukaus and then enjoy your comfortable home.

Emergency Heating

This function only applies to HVAC systems.
When the compressor of the heat pump fails, this function will start emergency heating to keep heating to protect you and your families from the cold. Meanwhile, the output of the compressor will be turned off to protect the heat pump from further damage. 

Child Lock

Have a lively baby at home? That's great!
But if the baby unintentionally lowers the temperature, it may cause a cold!

Enable the child lock function to lock your settings.

Heating, Cooling & Ventilation 

T9 provides 3 modes with heating cooling and ventilation.
Each mode has a wealth of expansion functions, providing you with a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Compressor Protection

If the compressor is turned on immediately after it is turned off, it may cause damage to the equipment. The compressor protection function forces the compressor to wait a few minutes before restarting to avoid damage and high maintenance costs.

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