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Input: 230VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Max. Load:
Boiler version-3A    
Electric floor heating version-16A
Sensor: NTC
Wiring Requirements: current≤13A-1.5mm²,

solid core wire
Protection level: IP20
Material of shell: PC Fire-rated

Programmable Schedule

Eukaus supports a programmable schedule with 6 events per day.
Share your habit with Eukaus and then enjoy your comfortable home.

Quick Drying

The quick-drying function helps you heat a room quickly to meet your demands in different scenes such as:
● Quickly heat your bathroom before a shower.
● Drying your bathroom after a shower.


Eukaus will start heating when the temperature is lower than 5℃ (adjustable)
to protect your water pipes/plants from freezing.

Going on a business trip tomorrow? It's okay, trust the home to Eukaus.

Child Lock

Have a lively baby at home? That's great!
But if the baby unintentionally lowers the temperature, it may cause a cold!

Enable the child lock function to lock your settings.

  • Window Condition Detection

Open your window or door to enjoy the fresh air, Eukaus will turn the heating off automatically to save your energy when it senses sudden temperature drops.
When you close the window, the temperature gets stable, Eukaus will continue to heat.

Or you can disable this function to let Eukaus keeping heating even if  the window is open, enjoy the warm and fresh air together.

ECO Mode

Need to go out right away? Just take 2s to switch Eukaus to ECO mode, he will keep your room at 18℃ to save energy, and when you get back home, the room temperature can reach the target temperature sooner.

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