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It's About You.

As you may already know, 195 countries around the world have signed the Paris Agreement with a view to achieving carbon neutrality globally.

The energy used to heat the spaces we live and work in is one of the highest contributors to our individual carbon footprints. Globally, heat accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption and 40% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.

The control of home heating is becoming more and more important. According to a survey by the EHI (european heating industry), smart heating systems can save users at least 15% of energy, but the home penetration rate of smart thermostats is less than 10%.

The use of smart thermostats will have a strong cumulative effect. According to statistics, if each British household can save 1 degree Celsius of energy, the United Kingdom will reduce 1.18 million tons of carbon dioxide.

Eukaus is committed to helping users save energy while providing a more comfortable living experience.

You protect environment and Eukaus protect your living.

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