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What Does Eukaus Do?

Home heating is one of the largest sources of CO2 emissions.

Eukaus only do two things:

● Reduce your home heating energy

● Make your life more comfortable

Reduce  Energy

Eukaus provides rich functions to adapt to the needs of different scenarios, ensure that the thermostat provides the most suitable temperature in various situations.


Save energy

Cutting down your heating energy through rich functions.

Reduce costs

Reducing your heating costs through saving energy.


Reducing carbon footprint without giving up on comfort.

More Comfortable

Eukaus starts from the market demand, where the customer's complaints are, we go there.

Quieter TRV

Your home is a comfortable place, not a construction site.

Precise Control 

Power statistics +  internal sensor to provide more comfortable temp.


Eukaus analyzes the heating efficiency to provide the best warm-up time.

Eukaus Keeps Going

Eukaus always values customer feedback and builds on this to optimize the products and provide the best user experience.


Eukaus listens to customers' feedback and continues to optimize the products.


Own factory, control the entire production process, reliable and stable quality.


We are always here, Eukaus has your back for 7 x 24.

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